Read and respond on this from your colleagues’ responses with feedback

Read and respond on this from your colleagues’ responses with feedback or suggestions regarding their thoughts. 100 word one reference

Healthcare for citizens of the United States is better than other countries around the world.The reason is that there are no boundaries on when a citizen can be seen by a physician or retain care for a health concern.This sets the United States apart from other countries around the world.The estimated millions who obtained health coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a profound number of individuals that may have had a need to face the new year without health coverage for the new year (Anderson, 2014).The flip side of having the ACA is that with more individuals signing up and gaining the coverage they need, the more paperwork (whether it is electronic or paper) is generated and needing the attention of workers to put the members information into a system and store their data effectively.With the influx of coverage and the need for over 100 million hours per year to enter, update, manage, and store information there is a greater imbalance which presents challenges.The pursuit of a single-payer system would mean that the tax payer would see less money coming home and more going into government funds for payers (Bryan, 2017).The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services better known as CMS would perhaps be a productive single payer, however, single-payer venture taxes individual tax payers to help fund a growing community of people needing coverage at an affordable price.The only concern is that not all individuals are buying into helping others.If this happens in the United States more workers will face an even higher amount of work hours, but would not mean and increase in wages.This is an unfair balance in a workplace that is already feeling the burn of more recipients into a program that is funded by taxpayers along with Federal and State funding.


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