relationship between policy and Universal Health Coverage

Nurse Practitioner

Discussion Questions 1 & 2.

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Instruction: Answer each discussion question on one page and title them. Please follow the guide to find the correct report for each discussion question and answer all the numbered questions within each page efficiently.

(My field of study is Nurse Practitioner)

Discussion Question 1 (answer each question on one page)

Review the Universal Health Coverage Statement ( from the WHO. Then, review one or two of the reports from meetings held in 2013 which is available on their website. In these documents, they discuss the relationship between policy and Universal Health Coverage.
1. Explain what they mean by this and reflect upon whether or not this is the same definition used in the United States.
2. Do all of us view this concept in the same way?
3. If not, how do we differ?
4. As you review these materials, reflect upon the visibility of the role of health care providers in this development process.

Discussion Question 2 (I selected Patient-centered care competence) another page.

This week we talked about the core competencies for health profession’s education and looked at nursing informatics and how that area has been guided by development within the profession. Consider the remaining competencies: provide patient-centered care, work in interdisciplinary teams, employ evidence-based practice, and apply quality improvement.

1. Select one of these competencies and describe changes which nursing has made to achieve the competency.
2. Find and use a peer-reviewed publications which describe the programs of (Patient-centered care) and their development or outcome.

Please find an article about nursing practitioner patient centered care.

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