Relaxation video technique

Relaxation video technique and evaluation

This week your assignment will include two parts. First you will do a self-assessment of your current stress level (1 being extremely stressed and 10 being stress free). Next, find a relaxation video on YouTube and watch it (key search words: body scan meditation, guided meditation). After completing the relaxation session, reevaluate your level of stress using the same scale you used prior to completing the meditation exercise.

Secondly, in a 2-page paper, discuss your initial feelings around completing this exercise. Share if you noted any change in your awareness of your body after completing the relaxation exercise. Critique the video/audio addressing what the strengths and weaknesses of the video/audio were. Share your ideas about where in your practice you could see the use of relaxation to be of benefit. Please include the link to the video/audio that you used.

APA format