Research paper medical administrative assistant

Step 1: Research online or in a local newspaper twodifferent positions for a medical administrative assistant.

Using an online job search site or a local newspaper, locate the job notice for two different medical administrative assistant jobs. Create a table that lists the job responsibilities, personal characteristics, and professional requirements for each position.

Step 2: Explore the internet to find a learning style inventory and compare the results with your own self-assessment of learning style.

First, think about how you best learn. Using the information from the course, describe your learning style in detail. Validate your thoughts by thinking about what you decurrently to study and learn new information and how that is working for you.

Next, using a search engine, explore the internet for some learning style assessments or inventories. There are several freely available. Take at least three different inventories and retain the results. Then, think about how these results compare to yourself-assessment.

Write a brief synopsis of 1) the results of the online learning style inventories, 2) your learning style self-assessment, and 3) the comparison of the two. Address the following questions concisely:

·Do the results of the online learning style inventories match your own learning style self-assessment? Explain what is similar as well as any discrepancies.

·In light of what you have learned, will you change any learning strategy or study habit to better meet your learning style tendencies? Explain.

·Are there learning styles that you would like to improve upon or develop to better meet what you think will be the information delivery style of the workplace? Explain.

Step 3: Complete the personal assessment and improvement action plan for specific characteristics and professional behaviors of the medical administrative assistant.

Use the form provided below to assist in this step. Rate yourself in the characteristics listed and then write your thoughts about how you can improve in this specific characteristic. Then, identify five additional characteristics that you feel are essential to being a successful healthcare professional. Rate yourself in each of these characteristics and develop a plan for improvement as needed. Note: Each characteristic should have a plan for improvement recognizing that everyone can improve in their professionalism in some way.

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