Role of Digital forensics in enhancing cybersecurity

Topic: Role of Digital forensics in enhancing cybersecurity

Ensure you incorporate the thesis as below in the introduction

Thesis: Digital forensics plays an important role in helping identify, curb and control instances of cybercrimes. The advancing age of technology has sparked evolution of cybercrimes. Cybercriminals are becoming more knowledge and skilled, thus, there is need to step up investigative procedures and processes in order to keep up with this. Digital forensics thus offer a better platform to facilitate robust investigations via digital and electronic media. The research paper will therefore explore aspects of digital forensics and its significance in mitigating modern-day cybercrimes.

Abstract – less than 250 words

1.0 Introduction – 3 pages

1.1 Introducing the concept of digital forensics –

1.2 Characteristics of Digital forensics –

1.3 Principals of Digital forensicsc-

1.4 Challenges of digital forensics –

2.0 Literature review – 6 pages

2.1 Computer forensics processes and procedures – 1 page

2.2 Computer forensics investigations and legal processes-1 page

2.3 Policies in digital forensics-1 page

2.4 Role of computer forensics in intrusion detection-1 page

2.5 Role of computer forensics in data recovery and preservation-1page

3.0 Discussion – 3 pages

3.1 summary of the findings

3.2 Recommendations based on findings

3.3 Conclusion –

4.0 References

5.0 Appendix.