Use the 3 terms:


1. Self-esteem: the relationship you have with yourself, the degree to which you regard yourself in a positive or negative light. It is a measure of how much you value yourself and feel useful and necessary in the world.


2. Stress: stress is anything that requires an adaptive response on the part of the organism

stress is an inescapable part of modern life

stress negatively affects your physical, psychological, and occupational functioning in a variety of ways


3. Self awareness: All human beings share the ability to be aware of ourselves. The fact that we can do this, that we can stand apart from our feelings and our thoughts suggests that we can have some control over them. Ram Dass, a Harvard psychologist, describes our ability to stand apart from ourselves, to view ourselves from the outside, as assuming the witnessing stance.


  • Discuss the 3 concepts above, write how these concepts are related and how you would apply these concepts in your life
  • 3-5 pages
  • due in 15 hours
  • use the uploaded ppt as reference