Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation and Error in Nurses who Work Night Shift and other supporting article relating to sleep deprivation

NOTE: You will create two new electronic files for this assignment instead of typing directly into this document.

Overview: Capstone Project – Presentation and Evaluation(POWER POINT)

Your project should represent high-quality work – something you would expect to see in a professional setting. Perhaps your employer will be interested in facilitating its use in a real-life situation!

PowerPoint is based on this article: Sleep Deprivation and Error in Nurses who Work Night Shift and other supporting article relating to sleep deprivation.

You will upload your PowerPoint for grading. You will also upload the forms or documents you would use for evaluation (two evaluation tools will be created) of your information dissemination. These might be in the form of informal observation records and/or formal tests or questionnaires. (This evaluation portion will be submitted as one Word document. See below for all that must be included). There is a separate portal for each portion of the assignment in Blackboard.


Design evaluation tools to accompany your project.

Locate peer-reviewed articles discussing evidence-based nursing practice: Sleep Deprivation and Error in Nurses who Work Night Shift 

Design evaluation tools to accompany your project. 

Instructions You will create your project’s presentation and evaluation tools as an electronic files.

PowerPoint Portion of Assignment (Assignment 2):

Presentation You will submit a Power Point presentation containing a title slide, 10-15 slides each with comprehensive content demonstrating use of your peer-reviewed sources, and reference slides. Remember to include a source for each image or graphic included on the slides; this is easiest done directly on the slide under or next to the image. Your “talking points” are considered speaker notes and should contain 20-30 minutes of “talk time.” Information read directly from the slide should be included in the speaker notes. We recommend you time yourself while reading your speaker notes to determine if your presentation is within the 20-30 minutes for content. Your speaker notes should be written exactly as you would be speaking to your audience. You do need to include citations in your speaker notes. Be sure to include all of your references on the reference slide(s).

Evaluation Portion of Project (Assignment 3): (This will be one document with all of the following included in that document)

Title Page Create a title page according to the standard for the UTA College of Nursing.

Evaluation (2 Tools are required – one for quality and one for content) You may create a new Word document for most of the types of evaluation tools you would use, such as tests, questionnaires, charts for observations notes, etc. You will create two evaluation tools, include all in the same file as separate pages with clear headings and instructions designating the use of each tool.

Other types of evaluation tools you might use are databases or spreadsheets. It is important that you design such tools so that you need only to upload and submit one file, though, so if you use a combination of Word documents and spreadsheets, copy/paste the contents of the spreadsheets into the Word document to create a single file.

Evaluation form requirements: You must submit two evaluation forms. One form will address evaluation of content (example: a post-test or survey, audit form) and one form will address quality (rate the presentation, speaker, and environment; consider using a Likert scale). Remember you will create both forms for this assignment. Do not copy forms from other sources. Include the time, place, and who you presented presentation. Also, discussion on the methods you used to evaluate your project. Include why the method, how you will use the results, and plans for improvement.

Grid You will include the full completed grid from Module 3. Please be sure to make any needed changes based on feedback from your coach.

Evaluation Paragraph You must include at least a paragraph (minimum 100 words) to discuss the methods to evaluate your Project. Include why the method you have chosen to evaluate the project is appropriate. Include in your paragraph how will you will take results from the evaluation and change or improve the presentation.

Reference Page Create a formal reference page including all of your nine (or more) references from your project. Please be sure to use formal APA format. Refer to your APA manual for any questions.