South Florida Community Student Applications Nursing Health Assessment

ch 8 case study example attached

1. Read the case study, health history, and physical exam.

2. Answer questions, from the text, as indicated for each chapter.

3. In addition to the text questions include the following:

a. Identify the teaching needs and readiness to learn for this client.

b. Identify any cultural factors that influence the care for this client.

c. Document your assessment.

4. Write in complete sentences in narrative form, using one paragraph for each question.

5. Use APA format as follows:

a. Times New Roman, 12 font, 1 inch margins, and double spaced

b. In-text citations to support your decisions.

c. Include Bastable when discussing teaching.

d. References: use your course texts, journals, web sites, etc.

e. Include your last name in the header on the right.

Written Assignment Rubri

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