Stanford Prison Experiment

Stanford Prison Experiment


The area of social psychology is very broad with many experiments. One famous experiment is the Stanford Prison Experiment conducted by Philip Zimbardo.

View the video trailer for the Stanford Prison Experiment documentary

Finally, go to the slide show on the Stanford Prison Experiment .

After going through the slides (it is somewhat lengthy):

  1. Please go to: and select a discussion question to answer. Please try to answer a question that is different from your classmates.

    Also, please answer the following two questions:

  2. What are some of the ethical implications of the study?
  3. What are your thoughts about whether or not this study should have been conducted?


Please watch library tutorial #1 –>

Then respond to this discussion thread by answering the following question and completing the following task:

1. What topic are you considering for your critical annotated bibliography? In other words, on what general area of interest are you going to locate 12 scholarly articles?

2. Find one article for your annotated bibliography using the tips mentioned in the tutorial. Then list the source in APA format and write your summary/critique of 150-200 words.

**These are discussion board questions; do not need a write a whole paper on these questions.

**Part one and two are separate; please keep these separate