The Employment Process

The Employment Process

In week two, you figured out what positions needed filling and the job descriptions for each, and how much to pay. You have received 10 applicants for each of the three jobs that need to be filled. Now you need to determine your interview and hiring process. Make sure that you have completed the Learning Activity before starting your Assignment to enable you to be more successful in this Assignment.

1.  Analyze the process you will use from the time you have received the applications to the time you make a hiring decision (you need to conceive of at least four steps in the hiring process). Explain each of these steps including who will be responsible for each step and why

2.  Explain whether the employment process will be the same for each employment type. Why or why not?

3.  Write ten interview questions for each of the three positions. Remember to make sure these questions are open-ended and that at least 6 questions are unique to each of the three jobs. Open-ended questions are those that require more than a “yes” or “no” response

 Your minimum 2-page response (plus an additional title and reference page) in APA format and citation style should be submitted to the Unit 3 Dropbox.