The face of need

For this assignment, use PsychINFO to search the psychological literature and create a collection of at least ten research articles.

They must be EXPERIMENTAL STUDIES in psychology from peer reviewed journals that have been published in the last 10 years. (Check out the “Using PsychINFO” document in the files for help).

Submit a word document here that is a list of references to the 10 research studies you collected. For each study, give the reference in APA style and a short description of the study (one or two sentences is fine). Here’s an example:

  1. Coplan, Robert J. (2009). Shy and soft-spoken: Shyness, pragmatic language, and socio-emotional adjustment in early childhood. Infant and Child Development, (18), 3, pp. 238-254.

This study examines the role of pragmatic language in relation to shyness and socio-emotional adjustment in a group of young school children, and whether pragmatic language plays a protective function.

  1. Small, Deborah A., Verrochi, Nicole M. (2009). The face of need: Facial emotion expression on charity advertisements. Journal of Marketing Research, 46(6), pp. 777-787.

This study examined what type of pictures on charity posters makes us more likely to give money towards the organization.

And so on, for a total of 10 studies.