The normal anatomical and physiological changes that occur in pregnancy at the gestation of the case


Please discuss the following:
• The normal anatomical and physiological changes that occur in pregnancy at the gestation of the case
• The pathophysiology of the obstetric/neonatal condition relating to this case and where relevant distinguish between any other possible diagnosis that may be made
• The usual management, both medical and nursing, of the condition recommended by the literature including journal articles, textbooks, hospital policies
• Provide a critique of recent TWO research studies outlining current practice in relation to the management of such cases
• Discuss any relevant assessments, examinations, investigations and other procedures that would usually be undertaken for this case scenario.
• Make use of relevant, professional reference material throughout the assignment to provide evidence in support of your discussion on the topic of choice. NB: non-credible web references will not be accepted as appropriate, professional resources
• Present your work in the usual written assessment format as outlined in the marking guide.
Please: Complete the additional requirements for the case study of your choice.
a) Maternity Case Study
Jane is a 36 year old primipara, now 13 weeks pregnant. She is married to Tom and is working at as a kindergarten teacher in her local area. Tom is an IT manager for a large company in the city and is required to travel frequently across Australia and Internationally. She has been referred by her GP to the nearby Maternity Hospital for her maternity care.
1) Describe the choices she has in relation to her maternity care. Jane chooses shared care – what does this mean and how does it differ to routine maternity care.
2) Outline the information that the ‘booking in’ midwife will obtain regarding Janes history – medical, obstetric, family and psychosocial and provide a discussion regarding why this knowledge is important.
3) What pathology tests will be ordered for Jane, AND why are these important?
4) The midwife will perform a baseline assessment of Jane and her pregnancy – describe what
these are, and how often they will be performed throughout the antenatal period, identifying how these might change over the weeks of her pregnancy.
5) At 32 weeks Jane experiences regular contractions. Using the previous instructions, identify the condition and describe the management of Jane at this time.
6) Identify the common outcomes related to this case scenario.

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