The public view of what nurses do

The public view of what nurses do

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From witchcraft to doctor assistant, the public view of what nurses do, changes with the times. According to (GCU, 2018) “Through history, the nursing profession has faced discrimination, prejudice, and a less than desirable public perception”. The public is unaware of nursing history, and the theories behind taking care of the sick. It is our responsibility to change the views of our communities. Nurses must remain professional during all aspects of care. Introduce yourself at the beside with your name, and your years of experience with confidence. Explain and educate why you have involved the dietician in a patient’s care when he is suffering from a deep wound to the skin. Never feel or act in a defensive manner when a family member questions your decisions. Nurses use critical thinking and evaluation when providing care, which improves patients outcomes.

Some ways to provide knowledge to the public about the role of the professional nurse is thru advocating for our patients and their family, and by talking up about our profession as nurses, and taking pride in medication error prevention and preventing a fall by using a bundle of preventive measures. “The science of nursing is a dynamic entity evolving with time. Hence, it is important to develop a systematic and scientific methodology to assess public or patient perceptions about nursing. It is also important for the nurses to understand the perceptions of the public to achieve their professional goal of quality nurse care” (The Journal of Nursing, 2007).


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