The reality of teen pregnancy

The reality of teen pregnancy

Please answer each question Separate!!!!!! Each Discussion must have 200 word limit and be in great detail and NO PLAGERISM or i will WITHDRAW QUESTION

Watch the video clip and respond. The link is

Discuss what impact attachment disorder would have on a person for life. What would be the impact on school and peers, on relationships and partners, on being a parent?

Watch the video tape “The Medicated Child” and give your opinon about using medicaitons with young children. How would you deal with a child who has the behaviors displayed by Nicholas. The link is

Watch the following video clip from You Tube

This describes different types of play–solitary, associative, cooperative, and competitive. Link these types of play to examples that you have witnessed with chidlren and describe how that play impacts physical,

I am going to give you a case study and I want you to determine what you think is the best response regarding the bed-wetting.

Mandi is 8 years of age and has been placed in a foster home after the incarceration of both parents due to manufacture and distribution of illegal substances. Mandi had previously had trouble with wetting the bed about one or two times per week. She has now been in the foster home for over two months and the bed-wetting has not decreased but remained steady with Mandi typically wetting the bed every night. You are the foster parent and this causes embarassment for Mandi and extra work for you. What do you do? Describe what steps you would follow to address this issue. How would your methods differ from what might have been done in the past?

Give an example of how kids respond to parents and teachers when they are at the concrete stage of thinking according to Piaget? How would a parent or teacher alter their directions to avoid the problems of chidlren taking them in a literal manner. For example I had told my son not to open the front door when he was at home for a short time after school with his older sister. I arrived home and found kids in the house and asked him why he had disobeyed. He looked surprised and said, “I did not open the front door. I had them come to the back door.” My directions were quickly made to include all doors, windows, garage, etc. so he knew that he was not to allow anyone in the house until I was home.

Kids experience divorce in our society and their coping depends upon their development as well as the other factors such as hositility between parents, contact with both parents, and supportive peers. Disccuss how a child at age 4 is the same and different from child at age 11 who is dealing with parental discord and divorce. How should parents respond to help the child cope? How does the changes in the family, household, rules, income, schools, and peers help or hinder this coping?

Jaycee is now 11 years of age. She has never accepted that she was a girl and has asked people to call her a boy since she was about four years of age. She dresses in male clothing, prefers to be called Jay, and wants to explore sex-change surgery. Tell me how you would respond to Jaycee/Jay and what would you advise the parents to do? Is she too young to begin sex change surgery? Would surgery and hormonal treatment be more effective prior to puberty? Is her cognitive development matured to the point that she can make this type of decision?

Learning disabilities are often misunderstood. Watch this video and see if it provides some insight into some of the struggles.

Do you think that we as a society give too much attention to teen pregnancy? You can certainly comment about the aspects of reality tv that is discussed and whether that programming is a deterrent for teen pregnancy or not.

One major issue is development is the Nature versus Nurture. Watch the following video clip

and discuss which seems to be more important–inheritance (Nature) or environment (Nurture). Discuss the value of the twin research and how this assists with understanding of all development.