Theories of Intelligence

Theories of Intelligence

Provide a summary of the different theories of intelligence proposed in the textbook (Spearman, Sternberg, Gardner, and Salovey/Mayer’s theories);

  • Describe which theory you believe best describes intelligence;
  • explain why you feel this way;
  • Describe whether or not you think that this type of intelligence can be assessed with a simple test. Why or why not?
  • Be sure to use the information presented in Chapter 7 on Intelligence to substantiate your claims and to show understanding of the readings for the week.
  • Your essay should be at least 500 words in length and should be presented in APA format,


Using the information from Chapter Two and this week’s lectures as well as from any other suitable sources, please explain the field of evolutionary psychology, focusing on the importance of the concept of natural selection.Within the essay, please also include answers to the following questions:

  • What do evolutionary psychologists study and what information do they hope to get out of their research?
  • How does the study of evolutionary psychology differ from the study of simple evolution, meaning what specific components of evolution do evolutionary psychologists focus on in their work as compared to scientists who simply study evolution?
  • How does the research from evolutionary psychology apply to our daily lives?