Treatment failure in emergency department patients with cellulitis

Topic: CRITICAL REVIEW OF A JOURNAL ARTICLE: Treatment failure in emergency department patients with cellulitis

Order Description
In narrative format, write a critical review of the article you read (worth 40 points). Address each point below:

? Provide the biographical information on the article
o Title and author(s) and author(s) affiliations
o Journal name, volume and date
o Page numbers of the article
? Identify the article?s thesis (central controlling theme/reason for the research)
? Briefly summarize the article including the main ideas
? State three important facts or data that the author uses to support the results of the research
? Identify holes or problems with the author?s conclusions
? Identify any evidence or facts that you would like to have seen addressed
? Briefly discuss examples of propaganda, bias, or faulty reasoning found in the article, OR state if not present.
? Identify and discuss conclusions, implications, and consequences of the issue including your own conclusions and how you might utilize what was learned in future nursing practice (this may be written in first person)

Your paper should flow. Please note that narrative form is written as if you were telling a story from the third person point of view. Don?t just list the answers to each of these points. Ensure that your report is well organized. Use an outline for this purpose. Write a report that cohesively flows from point to point.

Soft guideline for length is 2 ? to 3 ? pages of text, not including the title and reference pages. Cover all the important points, but do not ramble or repeat yourself. Use APA guidelines in writing your paper. Include a copy of the article with your paper.

Remember?you should use facts and logical reasoning to develop your arguments. A critical review is based primarily on your thoughts about the article you read. However, at the same time, do not write in a subjective, biased manner?let your objective discussion of the main points make an argument for you (objectivity is very important here, state the facts not ?I think? or ?I feel?).

You will also participate in a peer review of your papers as scheduled prior to submission of the final report (5 points). The purpose of this is to help you proofread for issues such as organization, grammar, and formatting, and to give you constructive feedback on the content of your paper.

Finally, review your own writing using the rubric prior to turning it in and make adjustments as necessary

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