Unit 9

Due 3/3/2019 (Sunday). $40.00 for Assignment and discussion

Unit 9 Assignment 1

Personal Model for Group Leadership

Submit your Personal Model for Group Leadership (13–15 pages). Note that the project includes sections you have previously submitted. Be sure to include all revisions you have made after reviewing the feedback you received on the sections you previously submitted. Please review the course project overview in the syllabus for more details.


Evaluate theories, research, and group methods for the treatment of substance-related and addictive behaviors, synthesizing trends in substance-related and addictive behavior research as they apply to group methods.

Evaluate ethical issues related to group therapy for the treatment of substance-related and addictive behaviors, assessing how personal values and biases influence ethical decisions in the counseling profession.

Analyze the impact of cultural factors on group methods for the treatment of substance-related and addictive behaviors, interpreting how diversity affects group process and dynamics.

Create a personal model for group leadership that fits with the personality of the therapist by firmly articulating an individual approach to counseling and clearly defining personal leadership style.

Unit 9 Discussion 1

Challenging Issues

Reflecting upon the study materials presented in this course, what issues are most challenging and more likely to create anxiety on your part? What group counseling approaches or techniques are most helpful in dealing with these challenges?


Analyze course concepts, theories, or materials correctly, using examples or supporting evidence.

Collaborate with fellow learners, relating the discussion to relevant course concepts and extending the dialogue.

Apply relevant professional, personal, or other real-world experiences to extend the dialogue.

Validates position with applicable knowledge.


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