URGENT PLEASE ANSWER QUICKLY! 1. Discuss how the meaning of person is integral to homicide law. How does it present problems at both ends…


1. Discuss how the meaning of “person” is integral to homicide law.  How does it present problems at both ends of the life cycle? Should doctors be allowed to euthanize people; are there circumstances in which this should be allowed, and other circumstances in which it should not? Look at the link below about Washington state’s Death with Dignity law and tell me your thoughts about this law in our state.

 Link: https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=https%3A%2F%2Fdepts.washington.edu%2Fbioethx%2Ftopics%2FWDDA%2520Fact%2520Sheet%252003-05-09.pdf

2. Discuss aggravating and mitigating circumstances (list at least three each) and explain why the criminal law has included these circumstances in murder?