Using the Tomlin Model

Argument Analysis Using the Toulmin Model

The purpose of this assessment is to identify the parts of an argument, using the Toulmin Model.

Assessment Description:
Read the article titled “Calling Blue: And on That Farm He Had a Cellphone”
Perspectives on Argument. Based on your understanding of the article, answer the following questions:  

Have cell phones changed the way humans communicate? Support your claim with evidence from the reading. 

What is the claim? Is it explicitly stated or did you have to infer it?  

Is the claim qualified? How?  

Do you find this argument convincing? Why or why not? 

What are some examples of support?

What are the author’s warrants? Does the author supply backing for the warrants? If yes, how?

Do you agree with the author’s warrants or do you have conflicting warrants?

If you have conflicting warrants, what are they?

Is there a rebuttal in the article? If yes, what is it? If not, write a rebuttal for the article.

Submission Requirements:
Submit your response in a Microsoft Word document with the following specifications: Page length: 3 pages