Watch all of “An Inconvenient Sequal: Truth to Power” and answer 4 question

Watch all of “An Inconvenient Sequal: Truth to Power” — we watched the first 60 minutes in class on Tuesday, 20 March, leaving about 30 minutes. You can find it on video to rent online (for $0.99 though you’ll need an account); they’ve been very good at pulling it off YouTube so I haven’t been able to find one there.

Using the information in the film, and other information from your book, answer these questions:

1. Briefly describe the science of how global warming effects at least three other systems, including how people contribute to this (e.g. flood/drought). (2pts)

2. Briefly describe how global warming and its results are changing people’s behavior. (2pts)

3. Research online and describe how global warming is changing life on the Pacific Island nation Kiribati. (2pts)

4. How is environmental change connected to social justice, ethics (look at the varieties in your book, but only choose the most important)? Why do these issues need a global solution? (2pts)

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