What are the “flows” within a supply chain, and why are they important

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The Director of Operations for your company has been trying to introduce logistics and supply chain management principles to your management team without much success. She has excitedly called you into her office to discuss a seminar she attended last week. During the seminar, she participated in a distribution simulation, referred to as “The Beer Game” (see supporting materials below). She commented that the simulation gave her a complete understanding of what the supply chain is, the dynamics of a supply chain, and how it operates. She also found several articles that explain logistics and supply chain management very well. She requested that you conduct research to provide her with talking points that cover the fundamentals of logistics and the supply chain. She asked that you include the following in your talking points:

·  Provide an overview of a supply chain, including the elements that make up a supply chain.

·  What are the “flows” within a supply chain, and why are they important?

·  What are supply chain coordination and supply chain disruption, and how are these manifested in a supply chain?

Supporting Materials for “The Beer Game”

·  Video: MASHLM usi. (2014, March 14). The beer game – MASHLM [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxpgM8paegQ

·  Article: Sterman, J. D. (1992). Teaching takes off: Flight simulators for management education: “The beer game.” Retrieved fromhttp://web.mit.edu/jsterman/www/SDG/beergame.html