What are the three basic stages in the information-processing model of memory

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Study objectives for NY IU)0: Fall2012 Unit 4: Memory, intelligence, and development Read clmpters 7 and 8 1) What are the three basic stages in the information-processing model of memory (three box model)? How long does each stage hold information? (197, Figure 7.1, 198-203) 2) What is selective attention? (200) 3) What did George Miller discover about short-term memory? QOl) 4) Be able to define, recognizs, and give examples of procedural and declarative memories. Q0a-205) 5) What is a flashbulb memory? How do flashbulb memories compare to everyday memories in terms of confidence and accuracy? (211-213 and lecture) 6) What does it mean to say that memory is a reconstructive process? How is this different from the more traditional view on how memory works? (214’215 and lecture) 7) Be able to define the misinformation effect. (215) 8) Be familiar with the following two studies by Loftus and colleagues: broken headlight study and lost in a mall study. For the broken headlight study, what were the key words and what effect did they have on witness reports? For the lost in a mall study, what was the false memory and how was it implanted? (lecture) 9) Summarize the repression controversy in regards to traumatic amnesia and false memories. Ql6 and lecture) 10) What is interference theory? You do not have to distinguish between proactive and retroactive. (219) 11) What part of H.M.’s brain was removed? What eflect did this have on his memory? (221) 12) Be able to define infantile amnesia. (223) 13) What is the g factor and how does it contrast with other approaches to intelligence? (lecture) 14) Who was Alfred Binet and what was his role in intelligence testing? (lecture) 15) What is mental age? How was a person’s intelligence quotient (IQ) determined originally? What was the problem with this method of determining intelligence? (lecture) 16) How did the purpose of intelligence testing change when it was brought from France to America? (lecture) 17) What is a schema? Be…

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