What is a concept

What is a concept? What is the relationship between theory, research, and practice?

We are going to reflect for one moment-Consider Chapter 3 in your McEwen and Willis (2014) text: Answer the following questions:1) What is a concept? Please provide provide an overview in your own words. (review the content page 50-57) (5 sentences)2) Identify a concept that you believe needs to be more explicitly defined for nursing and give the rational for your thoughts. (5 sentences)3) Which method of concept analysis appears to be the easiest to use. Provide support for your answer. (5 sentences)This discussion board will be presented in the following format: 3 paragraphs of 5 sentences each; start each paragraph with a thesis statement, close each paragraph with a conclusion; provide three content sentences in the body of the paragraph.Use proper apa, use citations where appropriate.This post will be submitted to Turnitin prior to grading