What Is A Viable Possible Solution To Mass Shooting

What Is A Viable Possible Solution To Mass Shooting

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Subject: What Is A Viable Possible Solution To Mass Shooting

Part 1: Explain Why a Total Ban on Private Firearm Ownership is Not A Viable Solution & Propose a Solution That is a Good Place To Start


1. The Second Amendment

2. 10 U.S. Code § 246 – Militia: composition and classes

3. D.C. v Heller (2008)

4. McDonald v Chicago (2010)

a. Via Selective Incorporation, incorporates the 2ndAmendment as enforceable against the states.

Part 2: Explain the Mass Shooting Phenomenon In the USA


1. Use the Internet to create a list of Recent Mass Shootings

Part 3: Explain the Current Trend for the Call to Ban the AR-15 Rifle


1. Explain The Reason behind the Call to Ban AR-15.

2. Use Various Articles In the Gun Control Folder on Canvas

Part 4: Define the term “Assault Weapon” as used in Federal & California State Law Determine Whether or Not Assault Weapons are Inherently More Dangerous than Non-Assault Weapons


1. The Assault Weapon Ban of 2018

2. California’s Assault Weapons Regulations “Title 11 Div. 5 Ch. 39 Assault Weapons & Large Capacity Magazines

Part 5: Propose A Solution and Explain Your Logic