who controls nursing? (Consider nursing practice on all levels in your discussion.).

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1. who controls nursing? (Consider nursing practice on all levels in your discussion.).I work in ICU. I would like discussion reflect ICU prespective if it applies. This is a discussion post atleast 8 sentences. This is an example of discussion post from another classmate below by ashely poppa

2. Reply to stephanie renoylds post with reflective and respectful questions or arguments or constructive feedback- atleast 5 sentences

Ashley Popa –Nursing is controlled by a variety of people and groups, none of whom control nursing entirely. The public controls nursing by influencing public health issues and by creating different nursing environments such as homeless care, home health, public health clinics, etc. Patients control nursing by creating personal demands for care. Some patients are more or less demanding than others which can control nursing care in addition to the nursing care required by their medical needs. Study participants and researchers for evidence based practice can control nursing care because policies and procedures change based on study results. The nurse controls nursing care because he or she carries out the physical and emotional act of nursing. Doctors and mid-level providers control nursing care by entering orders for the nurse to execute. Management controls nursing care by creating goals for nursing staff such as infection control measures or overtime prevention. Hospital or clinic administration control nursing by creating policies, utilization management, ethics law, etc. that affects day to day nursing. Members of legislature and government agencies affect nursing by passing laws related to healthcare.In summary, there are many many people, groups and other factors that control nursing but none that control nursing as a whole. Nursing it far too comprehensive to be completely controlled by just one person or group.

Stephanie Reynolds

Who controls nursing?-I believe that nursing is controlled by many factors. One of which is the patient! Nursing scores are based solely on patient satisfaction and standards of care are being centered around patient surveys. While I do believe that nurses have a lot of power and influence regarding nursing as well as safe and effective practice, nurses still must battle with patient satisfaction versus standard practice. There are many evidence based practices that nurses follow day to day that are in place strictly to improve satisfaction scores because of what patients want and what will make them happier. For example, hospital bedside nurses are frequently being told how to provide care to patients that will increase the hospitals scores. Administration is so concerned with scores from patient surveys that they tend to forget why we became nurses in the first place. The state board of nursing plays a large role in nursing control. We must adhere to specific rules and nurse practice guidelines that are set by each state board. Nurses can also take better control by joining committees and voicing their opinions on nursing care and advocating for better standards of practice. Nursing is a very broad field and caters to many different job opportunities. It is hard for me to point to one direction when it comes to who controls nursing as there are so many factors in play. For myself, I would say that I am in control. I take care of every patient the same as I would the next one. I advocate for myself, other staff members, as well as my patients and I speak up when I see something that isn’t right or if I feel like it is not working on my unit. Nursing is about teamwork, as I believe that if we work together and ensure excellent nursing care, we will always have the upper hand in controlling our field of practice.

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