Write a 1 and 1/2 APA paper

The topics in this unit are interrelated. Therefore, your critical reflection will be about the combination of all these topics. You can include information from our guest speaker Elliott Kimball, class discussions and classmates’ responses, and the textbook to support or challenge your reflection. For example, if you do not agree with what they stated, or you believe that something written in the textbook has helped you understand something better. References are to be in APA format. Your reflection is not a summary of the content covered in the assigned readings, or class discussions. Answer the following questions in three separate paragraphs. Paragraphs are to be written with a minimum of 4-6 sentences with enough detail and clarification that someone outside our class would be able to understand what you are trying to convey in your reflection.

  • Content reflection: “Given all the topics covered in this unit, what have you learned about them ALL that relates to YOUR lifestyle behaviors that have made you reflect on your previous behaviors differently?
  • Process reflection: “Why do you believe as a College Student that being aware of these topics are critical to your health? Give examples.”
  • Premise reflection: “How does being unbalanced in any of the six dimensions of health impact your behavior and decisions related to these topics, and how can you bring balance in these areas to improve your health and relationships with others? Give supporting details.”


Sexual Identity and Expression, Relationship and Connections, and Considering Your Reproductive Choices/Protecting Against Infectious Diseases and STIs

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