Dietary fat

Dietary fat has been vilified.  Is this a correct characterization of this macronutrient? Is all fat bad?

risk of deodorant

  1. Type your responses with double-spaced text in 12-point Times New Roman font, and one inch margins.
  2. Be sure to include citations for any references you use (and you should have looked up additional references)
  3. Turn the paper in to the dropbox on eCourseware before class on October 2 (*this is the first class after the exam!)

Questions to answer (3 points each)

  1. What did your group conclude about the risk of deodorant causing cancer? Did you agree or disagree with members in your group? Explain any differences in thought you had during the discussion.
  2. What additional information / studies were brought up in your group that supported or called into question the results of the studies? Did you agree or disagree with members in your group? Explain any differences in thought you had during the discussion.
  3. Considering both what you were given to read and the additional information that was discovered, what did you learn by reading the articles, looking for more information and participating in the discussion? How do you think this information might affect you in the real world?

Community Health Manager

You have been hired as an AMERICAN Community Health Manager by a community health management board and asked to assess the community’s need for health requirements and develop a community health management plan. Your first job is to understand community health, community health issues and activities, regulatory agencies involved in community health, socioeconomic status and racial and ethnic disparities, health promotion programs, maternal, infant and child health issues, misuse and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, and scope of injuries in US health and economy.

Discuss the following related to your new position:
1. What do you understand by American community health?
2. What are usual community health activities?
3. Which are the community health agencies in US?
4. Why community health managers should understand “epidemiology”.
5. What health promotion programs could be adopted in US communities?
6. Why is the need for “school health”? What is “coordinated school health program”? And, what are “foundations of school health program” and “Issues facing school health program”?
7. What issues need attention of community health manager for maternal, infant and child health?
8. Why is it important for community health manager to be aware of different health concerns of various age groups in US (adolescents, young adults, and adults) and what are the main health issues of these groups?
9. What are the health services provided to older adults in most communities

This document should be 10 pages long, double spaced in APA format excluding the cover and reference pages. 

nature of knowledge

What impact, according to Lyotard, does the postmodern age have on the nature of knowledge? Can you provide concrete examples? Please be specific, and carefully explain your reasoning. 

characteristics of society

According to Lyotard, what are the main characteristics of society in the so-called postmodern age? Please be specific, and carefully explain your reasoning.

How do cells actually survive and function

How do cells actually survive and function? What relationship does DNA have to these activities?

In this section we will study how information is coded in genes and DNA and how this is used by the cell. We will see how cells use their genes to build protein molecules. These protein molecules are what allows a living organism to carry out metabolism, to grow, to move, to reproduce, and to sense and respond to the environment.

Your genes direct your cells how to make the proteins that allow you to taste your coffee, type on a keyboard, study for this course, exercise, burn calories, and drive a car, in addition to everything else you do.

We will discuss how the cell makes a new copy of DNA. We will also see how the information stored in DNA is transferred to RNA, and how RNA in turn directs the production of proteins. This is also known as the “central dogma of biology”.

We will also explore the various ways in which DNA can be manipulated by using modern technologies. You may have heard of many of these topics in the news. Genetic engineering, recombinant DNA, cloning, genetically modified foods, and biotechnology applications in medicine and agriculture are a few of the topics that we will discuss. These technologies have allowed the medical, pharmaceutical, and agricultural fields to make major breakthroughs in the last several years.

You will participate in a class discussion related to topics in biology.

And you will demonstrate your knowledge of course concepts with a quiz.

Next week we will study how genetic changes affect populations. We will discuss how gene distributions change over time and produce evolution.


1. Outline transcription

2. Outline translation.

3. With these two processes outlined, comment on one of the main functions of DNA.

4. How can researchers and clinical health care professionals work together to more effectively intervene in genetic diseases?

5. Briefly outline a genetic disease and its ramifications on the newborn.

Personal Disaster Plan

 Develop a Personal Disaster Plan
In this project you will develop a personal disaster preparedness plan.
1. Determine which types of natural disasters are the most common for
the region in which you live.
2. Find out which government or private agencies and organizations have
information on disasters for your area.
3. Develop a written plan for how you will prepare in advance for the
most likely disaster(s) that may occur in your area.
4. Develop a written plan for how you will communicate with others during
the most likely disaster(s) in your area. Identify who you will
communicate with, and why.
5. Develop a written plan for what you will do after a disaster strikes.
6. Include in your written plans a process for teaching the plan to other
family members, and how the plan will be periodically updated.

• Use APA style
• Provide references
• Two-pages 

reproduction development

Biology Assignment 1

You are a doctor in a hospital, and a patient is experiencing trouble with her skin repairing itself from a cut. The patient is also expecting a child, but the cells in the reproduction development are experiencing malfunction in cell division.

  • Describe the stages of each type      of cell reproduction process from a normal patient whose body cells can      repair themselves and normal cell division during the reproductive      development of the unborn baby.
  • Explain the disadvantages and      advantages of each type of cell division.
  • Discuss how the patient      experiencing problems with the cells repairing from the cut and the      child’s reproduction development malfunctions can alter haploid and      diploid cell development.


1000 Words


12 point , Calibri   Font, no more than 1″ margins

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Should be pasted   into the Word document if possible.

Referencing system

APA referencing   system is necessary in assignments, especially material copied from the   Internet. 

For examples of correct citations, visit the following links:

Central Nervous System

Discuss the peripheral nervous system in two pages