Unique Challenges of Asian American Women with Regards to Health Essay

Directions: Answer ONE of the questions in a 7-10 page essay, using proper essay structure and technique (identifiable thesis statement, concrete examples, etc.). You MUST cite at least 3 different sources in compiling your answer (lecture notes, articles, etc. are all fair game) and you MUST use proper citation techniques (APA or MLA) for full credit.

If you use articles, you must provide a minimum one paragraph discussing what your search strategy including what databases you used (Google Scholar, Medline, PsycInfo, etc.). Tell me what keywords you used that were either successful or unsuccessful and why they worked or not.

You MUST also use this specific font: Times New Roman, 12 point, with 1 inch margins, DOUBLE SPACED.

Your papers will be due May 20, 2019, 11:59 PM. The TurnItIn link will open up starting May 13, 2019. No late papers will be accepted!

1. Discuss the health concerns of the LGBTQ Asian American communities. In particular, discuss how intersectionality can be used to explain the difficulty in addressing health concerns unique to these communities (for example, gender confirming medications and treatments for transgender, non-binary or gender-nonconforming folk; HIV among men who have sex with men; or increased rates of alcoholism and illicit drug use among queer women’s communities). In your analysis, look up examples of queer Asian American focused nonprofits (for example, San Francisco Community Health Center; Asian Pacific Islander American Health Form; Office of Minority Health; APICHA Community Health Center in New York) to explore unique ways these groups are addressing health disparities along the axes of gender and sexuality in combination with race and ethnicity.

2. Explore ONE of the following diseases that affect the Asian American communities disproportionately:

· Hepatitis B


· Diabetes

Explain how the disease affects the body in YOUR OWN WORDS. Talk about why this disease affects the Asian American communities uniquely, exploring the social,

economic, and cultural issues that make this disease difficult to treat. You MUST use at least ONE NIH or a .gov website and ONE article from the Handbook.

3. Discuss aging within the Asian American communities. What are unique issues of the Asian American elderly, especially with regards to providing culturally competent health care? What role does isolation—cultural, linguistic, familial, etc.—play in limiting access to care? How do cultural expectations also limit access to care?

4. Discuss the unique challenges of Asian American women with regards to health. What are specific issues when looking at Asian American women’s health issues? How do the issues of patriarchy, religion and shame help to keep Asian American women quiet about their health concerns, and how do these and other vectors make it difficult for Asian American women to seek advice on health issues? What are health issues that affect Asian American women more than others?

5. Explore the impact of cancer within Asian America. Depending on which Asian American community you reference, each is impacted in particular by one type of cancer (liver, bowel, stomach, breast/gynecological, etc.). What are some of the reasons why a particular form of cancer affects one Asian American community more than the other? (Hint: you will need to reference the Handbook in explaining this answer, and you’ll probably need to go to the American Cancer Society webpage as well)

Global Warming/Climate change is due to Human Activities

This paper is 3-4 pages without reference page.

My policy area is Global warming is due to Human activities. We have to write about the community actor that involve in my policy area. A policy community is the set of formal and informal actors that participate in policy making in a particular substantive area. They include – at a minimum – legislative committees, public agencies, interest groups and research institutes. For this assignment, use the internet as well as your research in print sources to identify the actors in the policy community for your policy area. Major participants in the policy communities of prominent policy areas usually have websites; find those websites. Some important actors may not have a presence on the internet; include these actors in your map anyway.

For example, the actors in my policy area is Factories, human activities or so on. Explain how they are causing the global warming, and why they are doing it, or if they are doing anything to prevent it.

Please open attach document.

Written Assignment- Structural Categories of Bacteria and Their Shapes, science homework help

Even though it is unlikely that a medical assistant will have to interpret the results of a gram stain, it is important to know what the different types, shapes, and colors of bacteria are and what it means when they are reported out.

  1. When bacteria are present in the blood, they are identified by their shapes. The three main shapes for the structural categories of bacteria listed below:
    • Cocci
    • Bacilli
    • Spirilla
  1. Research the three structural categories of bacteria and give an example of a disease that could be diagnosed if they were identified during microscopic examination.

Please read the following scenario:

An 86 year old patient presented to the ER with severe body shivers/chills. Her initial blood results are normal including her CBC. The physician orders blood cultures and the patient is admitted for observation. After 24 hours the patient is told that the initial blood culture shows gram positive and gram negative rods in her blood stream. It will take another 24 hours for the test to show exactly what type (species) of bacteria is in her system. The following day, the infectious disease doctor walks into the patient’s room and tells her that she has MRSA and will have to be on antibiotics for 4 weeks.

  1. If the patient had gram positive and gram negative rods in her blood stream, should the diagnosis of MRSA be questioned, why or why not?

KFUPM Thermodynamics Mechanical Engineering and Global Warming Essay

Course : Thermodynamics Mechanical Engineering

The issue of global warming is receiving considerable attention these days. Write an essay (no less than 1 page, single-line space, times new roman font, 11 point) with at least three references on the subject of global warming. Explain what is meant by the term global warming and discuss objectively the scientific evidence that is cited as the basis for the argument that global warming is occurring. Determine the respective contributions to the electric power provided to customers by the electric utility serving your locale attributable to coal, natural gas, oil, biomass, nuclear power, wind power and solar power, and summarize your findings in a pie chart. For each type of contribution to the electric power, evaluate its effect on global warming.

Geography Climate Change & Disaster Risk Management Essay

Use the resources provided in class discussions, any other reputable sources you may find to support your arguments — i.e., from NASA, NOAA or other government agencies, published scientific journal articles, or from published articles in reputable news sources to completely answer the following five (5) questions regarding global climate change. Each essay must be identified individually (e.g. Essay 1, Essay 2, etc.) and should be at least 500 words in total (but no more than 700), for a grand total of at least 2500 words; staple all together. Get ready to think like both a physical and a cultural geographer!


1) Consider the various examples of evidence that show that global climate is changing, and that humans (including their greenhouse emissions) are primarily responsible for this change. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issues reports detailing how climate change will affect people globally. What evidence do scientists in this group use to support their predictions? On the flip side, what evidence exists to promote predictions which state that humans are not causing climate change?

2) Climate change, and the resulting rise in sea level, is likely to flood many parts of the world while generating weather extremes like extended droughts and heat waves in other places. You’ve been randomly assigned–your choice–a location on the planet. How will climate change affect this region, and how is it already affecting the region? How should the government prepare for these changes, and what kinds of climate change preparedness plans are already in place?

3) Climate change is happening right now, and many experts say this is the time to prepare and take action both here in the United States and around the world. Using the same location you used in #2, propose realistic ways to prepare for the projected effects of climate change (i.e., increased drought and wildfire, spread of insect-borne diseases, etc).

4) Many of the world’s poorest nations contribute the least to the fossil fuel emissions largely responsible for climate change, yet these places will bear most of the consequences due to their physical and societal vulnerabilities. Do nations whose emissions contribute the most to climate change have a moral responsibility to pay for the effects of those emissions? And if so, how would they pay, and who would determine the kinds of damages those nations should be responsible for?

5) Read this op-ed piece from the New York Times (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Do you agree with the following statement?

“Perhaps now the deniers will cease their attacks on the science of climate change, and the American public will, at last, fully accept that global warming is a danger now and an even graver threat to future generations.”

Why or why not? Fully back up your opinion with sources and well-informed points.

**Adapted from suggestions by the New York Times/Jennifer Cutraro/The Learning Network

CE330 Southern Illinois Setting Time and Consistency of Cement Mortar Lab Report

The lab manual is attached . The following is the data for setting and consistency of cement, Lab No-2.

Time at the start of mixing, cement with water- 2:20 PM

Initial Setting time achieved (i.e depth of penetration = 25 mm)- 3:05 PM

Final Setting time achieved (i.e the needle no longer penetrates the cement mix and leaves a dent on the surface)- 8:20 PM

Calculate your initial and final setting time using this data. Let me know if you have any questions.

Assessment Evidence based nursing

This assignment is completed, I need revisions as the quality is poor and because it’s been turned it the assignment itself needs to be revised.


Your organization is undertaking a population health improvement initiative focused on one of the pervasive and chronic health concerns in the local community. Examples of health improvement initiatives include nationwide concerns, such as type 2 diabetes, HIV, obesity, and Zika. However, your organization has asked you to determine which widespread health concern should be addressed in a population health improvement plan for the community in which you practice and has entrusted you with gathering and evaluating the relevant data.


Note: The requirements outlined below correspond to the grading criteria in the scoring guide, so be sure to address each point. In addition, you may want to review the performance level descriptions for each criterion to see how your work will be assessed.

Data Evaluation

Evaluate community demographic, epidemiological, and environmental data.

  • Identify the relevant data.
  • Describe the major community health concerns suggested by the data.
  • Explain how environmental factors affect the health of community residents.
Health Improvement Plan

Develop an ethical health improvement plan that effectively addresses the population health concern that you identified in your evaluation of the relevant data.

  • Base your plan on the best available evidence from a minimum of 3–5 current scholarly or professional sources.
    • Apply correct APA formatting to all in-text citations and references.
    • Attach a reference list to your plan.
  • Ensure that your plan meets the cultural and environmental needs of your community and will likely lead to some improvement in the community’s health related to this concern.
    • Consider the environmental realities and challenges that exist in the community.
    • Address potential barriers or misunderstandings related to the various cultures prevalent in the community.
  • Justify the value and relevance of the evidence you used as the basis of your plan.
    • Explain why the evidence is valuable and relevant to the community health concern you are addressing.
    • Explain why each piece of evidence is appropriate and informs the goal of improving the health of the community.
  • Propose relevant and measurable criteria for evaluating the outcomes of your plan.
    • Explain why your proposed criteria are appropriate and useful measures of success.
  • Explain how you will communicate with colleagues and members of the community, in an ethical, culturally sensitive, and inclusive way, with regard to the development and implementation of your plan.
    • Develop a clear communications strategy mindful of the cultural and ethical expectations of colleagues and community members regarding data privacy.
    • Ensure that your strategy enables you to make complex medical terms and concepts understandable to members of the community, regardless of language, disabilities, or level of education.

I need a research paper on stem cell

I have added the instructions and the book required for reference.

In this assignment you will select a current medical ethics issue to research and write about for your Research paper due week 8. Give this some thought, this will be the topic you will be using for the outline, rough draft, and final term paper assignments. Make sure you can find articles for support of your topic. Read the term paper requirements before you select your medical ethics issue topic to insure it is want you want to research.

I have chosen Stem cell research and the embroyonic stem cell if it is ethical or unethical to destroy embryos

Book is “Medical Ethics and accounts of ground breaking cases”

Integrate knowledge of advanced physiology and pathophysiology across the lifespan with the clinical implications

We can choose any Case study. Paper needs to be 4 pages, have at least sources and in APA format.

MN551-1: Integrate knowledge of advanced physiology and pathophysiology across the lifespan with the clinical implications for the advanced practice nurse.

Case Study: Cell Biology and Genetics

Below are several case studies. Your instructor will either assign you a case study or have you select one. If all of the case studies have not been covered, your instructor may assign a case study that no one has covered. Be sure to integrate your knowledge of advanced physiology and pathophysiology across the lifespan with the clinical implications for the advanced practice nurse.

Case Study 1

Marsha and Clement are both carriers of sickle cell disease, a disease that is autosomal recessive. Their first child, Amelia, does not have the disease. Marsha and Clement are planning another pregnancy, but they are concerned about their second child having the condition. Clement’s dad died from complications of sickle cell disease shortly before Amelia was born.

  1. Draw a Punnett square to determine the likelihood of Marsha and Clement having a baby with sickle cell disease. What is the chance the baby will be a carrier of the disease, just like the parents?
  2. Marsha suggested to the nurse at the local family planning clinic that if the baby were a boy he might have a higher risk for developing the disease, just like his grandfather. If you were this Practitioner, how would you respond?
  3. When Amelia, who does not have sickle cell disease, grows up and marries someone who does have the disease, how likely is it that her children will have the disease?

Case Study 2

Maria is a sedentary, 68-year-old woman who is overweight. She complains that her hands and feet are always cold, and she tires quickly when cleaning the house. At her most recent visit to her doctor, her blood pressure was 184/98 mm Hg. She has edema around her ankles and legs, and her physician is concerned about an echocardiogram that indicates Maria has an enlarged heart.

  1. Identify two reasons why Maria will have tissue ischemia. How might this lead to hypoxia?
  2. What two early and reversible changes occur to tissue cells when they are hypoxic?
  3. What specific type of cellular adaptation has taken place in Maria’s enlarged heart? What made you come to this conclusion?
  4. Predict why Maria’s heart has become enlarged. Why doesn’t this enlargement give her the same cardiac strength and endurance as a well-trained athlete?

Case Study 3

Kevin worked for 10 years at a uranium mine, excavating uranium for a nearby nuclear power plant. Now, 25 years later, he has small cell lung cancer. Kevin is anorexic and has lost a considerable amount of weight. His muscles are wasting, and he is weak. He tries to move around the house throughout the day but tires easily. It has been difficult for him to access care, and the treatment for his cancer is just starting.

  1. With the ongoing exposure to the ionizing radiation, DNA damage occurred. Outline the three stages of carcinogenesis that occurred after his exposure to radiation.
  2. Kevin is normally a fit and active man, and his wife often commented on how much food he used to eat after a day at mine. Why would there be muscle wasting and weight loss now? Explain your answer using your
  3. knowledge of the metabolic changes seen with cancer.
  4. In some cancer patients, muscle weakness may result from the production of onconeural antigens. Describe the effects of these antigens. What form would this process likely take in Kevin’s situation?

Case Study 4

Felicity is a very busy 29-year-old woman in a professional career. She has diabetes mellitus, and is also pregnant for the first time. Due to her busy schedule, it took her three weeks to visit the family doctor to have the pregnancy confirmed. Felicity became very concerned when her physician asked whether she had been taking folic acid. It was all Felicity could do to remember to manage her insulin levels, and taking folic acid supplements was something she hadn’t even considered. Her doctor told her to take 600 μg of folic acid daily and advised Felicity to return later for maternal serum marker testing.

  1. Explain the potential teratogenic effect of folic acid deficiency on the developing fetus. What other risk factor is noteworthy in Felicity’s case?
  2. What is the benefit of maternal serum marker testing? What other test would be particularly useful to monitor the development of Felicity’s baby in this situation?
  • When is the fetus most vulnerable to the effects of teratogens and why?

Assignment Requirements:

Before finalizing your work, you should:

  • Ensure you have written at least four double-spaced pages.
  • be sure to read the Assignment description carefully (as displayed above);
  • consult the Grading Rubric (under the Course Resources) to make sure you have included everything necessary; and
  • utilize spelling and grammar check to minimize errors.
  • follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.);
  • be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful;
  • display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics; and
  • use APA 6th Edition format.

Case Study Posting Requirements

  1. Make sure all of the topics in the case study have been addressed.
  2. Cite at least three sources; journal articles, textbooks, or evidenced-based websites to support the content.
  3. All sources must be within five years.
  4. Do not use .com, Wikipedia, or up-to-date, etc., for your sources

Florida National University Childbearing After Menopause? Ethical Issue Essay

Ethical Issue

Topic: Childbearing after Menopause

Please include citations. APA style assignment. Introduction and Conclusions.

The student should address the following:

1. Define the scope of the ethical issue.

2. Examine the scope of the issue as it relates to nursing and principles identified in codes of ethics.

3. Identify at least 2 positions taken on this issue by scholarly experts in the ethics discipline.

4. Explore the future for the issue as it relates to nursing practice.

Grading Criteria for the Ethical Issue Essay:

Definition and scope of the ethical issue 20%

Scope of the issue related to the nursing profession 20% Positions on the issue by scholarly experts 20%

Exploration of the future for the issue related to healthcare and nursing practice 20%

Organization and presentation skills 20%

Total 100%