[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We never play around with our client’s privacy. Your privacy is our priority. Our company never has and will never share anything about its clients or the writing services received. Our transactions are done via PayPal which is 100% secure. We guarantee confidentiality to all our clients that no third party will ever know about our dealings with you.

We value and take seriously your privacy by ensuring that your personal information is never disclosed to anyone else including our writers. No one will know your name, your email address, your phone number or even your location. However, we cannot stop you from revealing this information to the editor yourself. Note, sharing your any personal information with our writers is in contradiction with our policy.

1. Introduction

Ensure that you read carefully our privacy policy before using our application.  This is where our main principles of customers’ personal information processing are explained.

2. Information Collected When Placing Your Order

  • You name.
  • Billing address.
  • Email address
  • Telephone number(s)
  • Paper details that are important to in your order completion placed in our website.
  • Conversation records either by text messages, emails or phone calls if need be.

3. Information That You Provides When Filling In The Application Form

Anyone who places an order with us submits necessary information in an automatic order purchase which may include time of access, location and type of device used. This kind of information helps us in the improvement of our services for ease use.

This information is and will not be shared, sold, or rented to any third party including our writers.

4. The Use Of Collected Information

As stated above, submityourhomeworks.com never rents, share or sell the given details to any third party. Here are how we use the provided information:

  1. Provide the clients in question the services they wish to have.
  2. Billing, accounting, research purposes, and for general internal bookkeeping.
  3. Reply to any complaints, queries, and requests for further information.
  4. Personalize the content provided and the layout of services.
  5. Notify clients of important changes or alteration of services.
  6. To contact our clients via phone or email if they have a paper in progress to ensure timely delivery. More interestingly is that we can also contact clients via the application message system.

5. User Account And Account Log

You can correct, amend, deactivate or delete your personal account by contacting our customer care. Feel free to contact us any time via the telephone number or email stated on our Contact Us Page.

Submityourhomeworks.com retains clients’ information as long as the account is active. All your details are reserved as a measure to comply with our policies, legal obligation, enforce our agreement and resolve disputes.

6. Storage Of Data And Security

Submityourhomeworks.com cannot be held responsible for any data directly available to our writers. We cannot guarantee or control it or its future spreading.

The information given to us by our clients is reserved in our secure servers. Anyone who seeks our services is allowed to create a password that allows them to enter their created account. Therefore, you are responsible for keeping your password confidential and safe. submityourassignment.org/com uses acceptable standards to safeguard our client’s personal details.

7. Amendments to the Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy may change due to the improvements that we implement. It is therefore advocated to review this page from time to time to check for any updates that may have been done.

It is recommended that you read this Terms and Terms and condition keenly before using submityourhomeworks.com.


Placing an order with us or using submityourhomeworks.com services means that you fully accept to comply with these Terms and Conditions. Our Terms and Conditions apply to all our clients, users’ visitors’ users and any other people who might be interested in accessing or using our website.

By accessing this website, means that you are prepared to conform to these Terms and conditions. If you feel that you do not agree with any part of the entire Terms and condition then you must not use submityourhomeworks.com.

Here are terms used in these Terms and Condition and they only have the meaning of the definition given in this section.

  • Revision Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Refund Policy
  • Client
  • You

Client, You and Your have similar meaning where they refer to the individual assessing using or our website and has agreed to comply with our Terms and Conditions.

Ourselves, Us and We, refers to submityourhomeworks.com website. Whether capitalized, in the singular, or in the plural, they or he/she this terminology is taken as interchangeably, therefore, having the same meaning.

By using submityourhomeworks.com services means that you represent and warrant that:

  • That all the details given during the registration are honest and accurate.
  • That you will uphold honesty of such information
  • That you are older or 18 years of age and have what it takes to engage in legally binding matters.
  • That your use of our services does not violate any applicable law and regulation or goes against your university, college or school rules.

We reserve the right to delete your profile and terminate any services that we provide to you without warning in instances where we believe that you are under 18 year of age and you do not have the full legal capacity to participate in legally binding matters.

We reserve the right to reject any task that is outside the range of what we offer. Every assignment must be clear, concise and have precise information required to create a sample paper. Assignment guidelines, rubrics, and the required sources are some of the information that is needed during order placement.


  • We will not be responsible to you in connection with the use of, contents of, or otherwise in connection with this website:
  • For failure to absorb the content covered by the text provided or the assignment.
  • For the clients’ final grade.
  • For consequences or outcome suffered from submitting the assignment to any academic institution; and
  • Excludes all obligations for damages arising out of our connection with the clients’ use of this website. This includes without limitations any harm caused to the client’s computer systems, programs, and computer software, data therein or any other damages.


Submityourhomeworks.com is committed to protecting its clients’ privacy. We regard your records as private or personal and thus we do not divulge to any of the details to a third party not unless it is legally required to do so by the proper authorities.

We do not vend, rent or share your particulars to any third party neither do we use your e-mail address for unwanted mail.


All the papers submitted to our clients still remains as our property subject to copyright among other rational property rights under international and local laws agreements.

The paper is solely purposed for your individual use only, therefore, you do not have rights to make copies, disseminated, replicated, communicated, displayed, licensed, traded or exploited for any other purposes without our erstwhile written consent.


The company reserves the right to cancel any agreement, arrangement or contract with any individual who condones plagiarism or attempts to pass copied work as original when asking for proofreading or editing.

Any product submitted by submityourassignment.org/com shall not be given to any third party or distributed in any way for monetary gain or any other purpose.

The company reserves the right to terminate further work or services in instances where it suspects that the submitted product has been used by you in any form of plagiarism.

You may not put your name on the product. All the written materials delivered are for research and reference use only.

We do not tolerate, cheer, or knowingly take part in plagiarism, academic fraud or dishonesty. We strictly observe and abide by all copyright laws.

You agree that any written material submitted to you are model or example document to be used for research, and any ideas you borrow from it should be referenced and attributed to the website.

The company, its affiliate or its partners are not liable for any unethical inappropriate, illegal, or wrongful use of the paper received from our website including plagiarism, plagiarism, poor grading, lawsuits, loss of scholarships, suspension, academic probation or any other disciplinary or legal actions. The buyer is solely responsible for any disciplinary action arising from unethical, illegal and improper use of the Product.

The acceptable similarity acceptable is below 5 percent. You have the right to request for a revision or a refund if the similarity exceeds 5%.


The company posts testimonials on the website excluding the clients first name or initials.


You agree to place accurate and complete information when placing an order. The client is solely responsible for any misunderstanding or consequences incurred due to incorrect and inaccurate information given during the order placement process.

Your word on the instruction final. We do not refute any order instruction given by you. We work with what you give unless it’s unclear. You are solely responsible for confirming the instructions given an order with unconfirmed instruction may be delayed or not be worked on. Submitting your order warrants that the sent product will meet the established instructions.

You are not allowed to alter the order details/ instructions unless that you have already approved and confirmed. If you want to alter the order requirements, this is considered an additional order and hence additional payment is required.

In instances where clients order requires single-spaced, he or she is to pay a double fee. The acceptable standard paper format at submityourassignment.org/com for our essay writing services includes a Title page and the main content paper.

We reserve the right to use any applicable resources necessary available such as books, newspapers, journals, online publications, interviews among others. This is applicable except when the client indicates the use of specific sources.


All our payments are due upon receipt. If we don’t receive any payment or the payment method used is declined the client will not receive the desired services.

The payment quoted during the order placement will not be guaranteed or locked in until payments are made.

All our fees are exclusive of levies, taxes, and duties imposed by taxing authority, you are solely responsible for payment of all such functions, levies, and taxes. You agree to be responsible for such taxes that might apply to your use of the services and payments made by you under these terms.

If your bank or credit card company decline or reject the charge of any payment, this will be considered as a breach of your responsibility and the rendered services will be automatically be ended.

We consider using of stolen credit cards and credit card fraud a severe crime and therefore not condoned. Our payment provider cooperates your submitted assignment to fight and prevent online fraud. In instances where online fraud has occurred or is being suspected the appropriate authority is contacted instantly.

If for any reason you decline the delivered assignment, you agree to give up all your rights to the document automatically. In instances where you request for chargeback, all your rights on the product are automatically withdrawn. You agree that our company can publish the declined paper and begin the authorship process to determine whether you have used any parts of the product. The procedure includes contacting officials from your school and posting your full details including your name along with the paper in question online

We reserve the rights to change product prices from time to time indiscretion where the modifications and such changes are posted at our website and become effective immediately without notice to the clients and our website user.

Refunds and Money Back Guarantee

Submityourhomeworks.com provides its clients with limited possible instances to claim money back. The refund is only issued to the sources of payment. We provide our clients with services that revolve around the precise instructions included in the order form. We require you to comply with the guideline completely as we submit the final product based solely on your submitted deadline and details. If we fail to do the above, a refund may be given.

Refunds are only applicable if the delivered paper does not follow the given instructions by the client. Remember, all refunds are a subject to approval by the company. Therefore, we may choose to decline the refund request at our own discretion. To ensure a successful refund strictly observe the following regulations.

Apply for the following before you approve the delivered material:

Instances where 100 percent refund is applicable:

  • A mistake in payment such same order placement, double order payment etc. this should be reported immediately. In this case, a 100 % refund is only applicable if the writer has not begun working on the paper.
  • If we cannot find a suitable writer to work on your assignment. Our team will contact you in such a case and initiate the refund process themselves.
  • In instances where you no longer require the material because the deadline before the product was delivered to you. In such a case, we never deliver the text to you neither will you have the right to use any product that might have been sent to you regarding the assignment in question.
  • If our team did not comply with the instructions indicated on the order form.

70% refund is applicable is:

  • If the paper is assigned to our writers and half of the deadline time has passed. The writer has already begun working on your assignment and therefore should be compensated.
  • org/com is not able to provide you with an editor to work on your revision.

Please note that once you initiate a refund you not granted rights on the prepared product. We reserve the right to revoke any property rights that may have been given to you before the initiated refund process.

Requesting for a revision indicates that you approve the text but the product requires minor alterations. In instances where you place the delivered product for review, a 100% refund is not applicable.

Instances where money back is not applicable:

Discounts and extras like Top writer, Plagiarism report, table of content, abstract, outline, sources used, and Editor’s check.

In cases where the writer has followed the provided instructions to the later.

If the client does not meet the requirements of these Terms of use.

If you have already approved the delivered order.

We guarantee:

  • That all our completed products have less than 5% similarity which includes, clinched phrases and bibliography references).
  • That your paper is solely based on the instructions that you give. We work with your format requirements that you give.
  • That we conduct thorough research necessary for your assignment completion.
  • That we comply with the formal standard English style.
  • However, we do not guarantee any particular grade and refund is not applicable in instances you are awarded unsatisfactory mark.


Submitting your order to the submityourhomeworks.com means that you completely agree and understands with the above statement as well as each of the following:

Any information and ideas borrowed from the product must be properly cited. Any product provided is for research, example and reference purposes only besides learning how to correctly cite assignments in a certain citation style such as APA, Turabian, Chicago, MLA, Harvard among others. All the products are acquired form freelance writers who in turn surrender all the rights and ownership of the text to submityourassignment.org/com and its affiliates and partners. You agree that the payment received by the company is for the efforts channeled into information gathering, correcting, organizing, posting, editing and delivering this text and the maintenance, advertising and administering of this website for educational access. You agree to only make reasonable copies of the product for personal and non- commercial use of the delivered product. Therefore, you shall not reproduce, publish, distribute, modify, transmit, display, or produce plagiaristic work from the product delivered and contents of submityourassignment.org/com without prior written consent from the company. You agree to destroy the text delivered once your reference or research use of the product is done. No copies shall be distributed or parts of the product used without proper citations of the company’s website.


Clients are allowed to request for revisions by clicking the Revision tab if they feel the work did not fulfill their expectations. Please note that all revisions are subject to the company’s policy where terms and limitations apply.  Ensure that you familiarize yourself with our policy before placing an order.

Here are a few things to observe when requesting a revision.

  • You only have fourteen days to request for a revision from the day the product was delivered.
  • Our team has three days to complete and upload the revised product.
  • The revisions should be based on the original instructions.
  • You are obligated to provide tangible feedback to the writer on the revision.
  • If you request for your revision to be delivered earlier you there are possibilities of cost involvement.

Revisions under these circumstances may have an extra cost:

Extra pages,

More than three sources

A different topic.

Any complaint or revision in regards to submityourhomeworks.com must be requested within the revision period which begins from the date the assignment was delivered and expires after fourteen days. Beyond that timeline any revisions or complaint placed is not viable.

In instances where the revision is not requested within the fourteen days, the Company assumes that the client is contented with the product and requires no further action unless extra payment is done or a new order is placed.

All our clients are entitled to a free revision if our team fail to meet the initial requirements of the paper in any given way. In this instance, you are allowed to requests for as many revisions as may be required provided the request comply with your instructions. The revision may be made at any time within the revision period.

All revisions must be based on the original order instructions. In case you provide new or additional instructions for the revision paper this will be considered as an application of new order hence additional payment will be required. Moreover, revision request after the revision period is over will be interpreted as a request for a new order, therefore, requiring additional payment.

Writer Availability Policy

Our clients have a privilege to request a preferred writer. This can be done by selecting from the list of writers that you have worked with in previous assignments. On the other hand, the writer has a stipulated time to accept your invitation and work on it. However, as much as we work hard to ensure that the selected writer is there when you need them, at times they are not available due to some reasons.

If the writer is not in a position to work on your paper, your order is automatically placed in a particular pool where the most qualified writers can claim it. We guarantee that in such a case, the extra funds paid for a specific writer will be given to the most qualified writer matching your requirements available.

Reasons specific writers may not be available:

  • Are in vacation and have not indicated their vacation mode to away.
  • Have been assigned other orders and they do not have enough time to work on your order to deliver quality standards as required by the company.
  • They feel that they cannot fulfill the requirements of the paper.

For whatever reason they are unavailable we understand your disappointment and have created various measurements that ensure the most qualified writer will claim your order.

Writer Availability disclaimer

The company does not guarantee that when you request a writer, they will be available to complete your order. You agree and understand this limitation and therefore you will hold the company harmless in case of such or related cases in the feature.

Referral Marketing

You can become an affiliate or a partner to submityourhomeworks.com where you can earn by referring clients to our website. Where a partner stands for an individual that applies customer while a referral represents an individual who seeks our services via a given link by our partner.

With every new client, you bring you are entitled to 2%. The earnings are added as Store Credit to your account where you are paid monthly.

We can transfer a minimum of $50 to a partner’s PayPal account.

Referrals method of payment should be different from that of a partner. If they are similar such order will be canceled.

Please note that a customer and a referral cannot be the same individual. We are able to identify such case by the use of several technical tools in our systems. If we detect that this rule is not followed the order will be canceled and the earnings gained through a referral will be voided.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]