AHS 6600 week 7 Survey of Human Services: Intellectual Disability

Introduction to Final Research Paper

The final assignment for this course will be a 10-12 page research paper. The paper will explore the need and availability of services to a population of your choice. To aid in the preparation of this paper you will complete three (3) pre-work assignments.

  • Population Selection: DUE Week 2
  • Compare and Contrast Service Organizations: DUE Week 3
  • Annotated Bibliography: DUE Week 5

Final Research Paper: Responding to a need

In Week 7 your final research paper will be due.

Chapter 8 of your text discusses the importance of developing services to respond to a human need. For your final paper, you will research and respond to the needs of a population.

In this paper you will:

  • Select a population ( Ex.Homeless, HIV/AIDS).
  • Identify the needs of the population.
  • Determine what services will meet the needs of the population.
  • Identify agencies in your community that can provide services to meet the needs of the population.
  • Identify and discuss ways that individuals from your chosen population can advocate for themselves and how they can be empowered to do so.


  • 10-12 pages (not including cover page and references)
  • APA format including an abstract
  • 6-10 sources (At least 4 sources need to be from scholarly peer-reviewed articles)

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