American Positive Psychology

LASA II—American Positive Psychology Association Proposal

This year, the American Positive Psychology Association’s (APPA) annual conference is being conducted in your area, and you are interested in making a presentation

•Select one of the featured elements of the positive psychology model on which you will prepare an application for the APPA Conference call for proposals as stated in the flier.
•Develop a PowerPoint presentation as part of your application. Cover the following points in your presentation: ◦Discuss the foundational information for positive psychology and the featured element or concept of positive psychology on which you have chosen to focus.
◦Analyze and apply current research to support the efficacy of this element or concept of positive psychology. Provide a minimum of three scholarly references of research conducted within the past five years.
◦Argue the benefits of this element or concept in contrast to two different techniques in general psychotherapy such as cognitive restructuring (from cognitive/behavioral theory) or dream analysis (from psychodynamic theory).
◦Summarize several significant factors that contribute to a positive outlook based on current research.
◦Analyze the potential advantages of this positive outlook and what changes would need to be implemented to impact the mental health field.

It would need to be 15 slides. I need to by Tuesday.