CEGR 325 MSU Specific Gravity lab report

I will upload the data from our lab and the Lab report Guideline also the lab paper show the steps for the lab itself .

this is the requirement Dr. wants

1. For your lab report and analysis, use group B and C’s data and ignore group A’s data.

2. Calculate Rg. If Rg < 1.2. report average Gs. If Rg is greater than 1.2, don’t take the average instead discuss what the discrepancies among the reading values is caused.

3. Submit one combined lab report including both labs (Moisture contents and Specific Gravity of soil).

For group B and C members, contact me ASAP to take your WC measurements.

Please refer to the lab report guidelines on Blackboard for writing your reports. Keep in mind that the report must be submitted via Blackboard by the beginning of the next lab period.

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