Design of Novel Bioinstrumentation Systems Relevant to A Health Problem Project

Design two complete, novel bio-instrumentation systems using bio-signals that are relevant to an important health problem. Novel means not able to be found on the Internet. Each of your solutions should contain the following elements:

1) A labeled block diagram of a full instrument to acquire the signal, processes it, and converts to a measurand.

2) Block diagram must include a sensor, sensor circuit, processing circuitry (active and/or passive), and output (digital, analog, LED, alarm, etc.).

3) State a reason for each choice of bioinstrumentation element.

4) Define signal range, instrument resolution, and sensor sensitivity.

5) State guidelines for detecting healthy vs. unhealthy levels of the bio-signal. How should a clinician interpret the measurand?

6) What modifications would be needed to make this a senior design project? What is the ideal team (student expertise? Faculty expertise? Experts outside the university?)

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