Diagnostic Essay

What separates a sport from a game?

i need this 12 hours. just use simple English, no high vocabulary words.

Diagnostic Essay.

I want you to define two terms for me and submit this writing (at least 250 words combined) on Blackboard. Step 1: Come up with your own definition of the word “sport,” clarify what people mean when you use that word. What do football, diving, rhythm gymnastics, bobsledding, boxing, and target shooting have in common? What separates a sport from a game? DO NOT USE A DICTIONARY OR OTHER SOURCE. Dictionaries offer non-controversial definitions that are intentionally very broad. The dictionary I have here says that a sport is “a physical activity done for exercise or enjoyment.” When you watch the Superbowl, are the players having fun? Do they need the exercise? My dog chases her tail until she is exhausted and has a great time doing it, is that a sport? This is your definition; don’t take shortcuts. (The trick of starting an essay by quoting a dictionary is the elementary school version of the sort of research you will do in this class. You can do better. I expect you to) You are not finding the “right” or “correct” definition of the word; you are redefining it into a shape that YOU feel confident you can use to help your reader to sort those items on the border of sport. Use this form: “All sports are defined by __A___, ____B___, and ____C___.” A, B, and C are CRITERIA that all sports share. Step 2: Before you write anything else, test your definition in your head. Does your definition fit those things that most people would categorize as sports? Hockey, tennis, boxing, diving, etc. Step 3: Now I want you to take this a step beyond just defining and write a brief categorical argument answering this question: Is cheerleading a sport?” Based on your definition, write an argument categorizing cheeleading as belonging in your definition of sport, or outside of it. Explain how it does and doesn’t fit your definition. “Cheerleading is/is not a sport because all sports are defined by A, B, and C.” Step 4: Do this a second time by defining the word “art.” Consider the Mona Lisa, Picasso’s Guernica, The Beatles’ song “Yesterday,” and other acknowledged examples to test your definition.

Step 5: Categorize the image I have posted on Blackboard in the WP#1 folder under the heading “Diagnostic Essay” Is the piece titled “Understanding Joshua: The Cocktail Party” art based on your definition? Your answer to these questions can be submitted as two (or more) paragraphs for a total of at least 250 words on Blackboard before class Tuesday in the assignment titled “Diagnostic Essay.” This is in the WP#1 folder. You submit by clicking on the title “Diagnostic Essay”

Step 6: In addition, at the end of your submission, add three complete thesis statements on different topics that you may be interested in using for the Categorical essay. Try to avoid “sport” and “art” as categories, since we have already played around with them.

ex. “The comic book series The Walking Dead is an example of literature, because all literature uses the traditional tools and constraints of its form to capture truths about the world the authors live in and make something that will present that world to future generations.”  Use 12pt Times New Roman, double-spacing.

The attached image is the subject of the second part  remember the formula for the theses is as follows:  Devising a formal thesis:  Your thesis statement should follow this model: X (controversial subject) is a Y (category) because A, B, C, etc. (criteria). Both X and Y must be nouns or noun phrases. “ Comic books are literature because literature is defined by A, B, and C” Writing the essay: Define your category first by the criteria. Spend the time to prove how literature is defined by A, B, and C. Then do the same with comic books. This process is called criteria matching. The logic of your paper will then have two stages: 1) If the category = A+B+C. 2) then the Subject= A+B+C in the same way.