Discuss the importance of relationships in negotiations

  • Pertinent information (400–600 words) (Probable negotiation tactics, nature of current relationships)
    • Relationships and interdependence
      • Discuss the importance of relationships in negotiations.
      • Describe at least 2 tactics for managing conflict in negotiations.
  • Interests, desires, and motivations (400–600 words)
    • Strategy and tactics
      • Compare and contrast distributive and integrative negotiations.
      • Based on your research, discuss at least 2 integrative negotiation skills or tactics.
      •  Use this template to complete this portion of the assignment.

Negotiation Strategy Planning Template

Purpose of Negotiation

(Price, Commission, Price Improvement, etc.)

Desired outcome

(identify your organizations goals and objectives)

Pertinent information

(What facts do I have for both parties that support my proposal?)


(What are my party’s motivations? What are the other party’s motivations? What do I anticipate the other party will object to?)

Sources of Power

(What is my power? What is the other party’s power?)

Walk-Away Alternative

(If we can’t come to agreement, what then?)

Ethical Considerations

(What are the ethical pitfalls or morally ambiguous issues)

Negotiation Team

(Roles & Responsibilities)

Recommended Negotiation Strategy

(identify your preferred Negotiation Strategy)