Emotional bonds

From what you have learned so far, including in your practice sessions, address the following:

  • What skills did you implement?
    • Things you did well
    • Things that challenged you the most
  • How did you gather client feedback? Perhaps used a variation of Bordin’s therapeutic working alliance (TWA):
    • Tasks
    • Goals
    • Emotional bonds
  • How will you incorporate the feedback received from your client into M7 Assignment 2 LASA?
  • Provide your client’s ratings and discuss your use of client feedback. As part of that, ask your client to rate the session using Bordin’s conceptualization.
    • Tasks (the way the counselor went about working with me) rated on a scale of 0 (did not fit well for me) to 10 (fit like it was customized for me)
    • Goals (what we discussed) rated on a scale of 0 (did not talk about what I wanted to talk about) to 10 (talked about what I wanted to talk about)
    • Emotional bonds (therapeutic relationship) rated on a scale of 0 (I did not feel understood or listened to) to 10 (I felt fully heard and understood)

Your final product will be in a Microsoft Word document, written in APA format, and be approximately 2–4 pages in length. You can also ask specific questions of your instructor about how to refine your skills.

Some skills used attentiveness, silence, reflective listening