Final Essay 101 Assignment Sheet

Final Essay 101 Assignment Sheet

Directions: Now that the essay has been revised through the peer review process, students will create a final copy of the essay assignment in the Writing 101 module.

The Final Essay 101 Assignment has two components:

  1. The final version of the essay that the writer has marked up with proofreading/editing corrections to demonstrate knowledge of editing
  2. The final version of the essay that has all errors corrected

Proofreading Checklist: Look for the following errors when proofreading

  • Spelling errors
  • Comma, Semi-Colon, and Colon errors
  • MLA format errors
  • Fragment and Run-On errors
  • Apostrophe errors

Remember the following requirements while polishing the final essay for the prompt: What are the benefits and/or drawbacks of your future career path?

  • MLA format
  • Introduction
  • Paragraph form
  • Proper thesis statement
  • Topic sentences that relate to the thesis statement
  • On topic development and transitions
  • Evidence that supports claims
  • Integrated evidence
  • Correct in-text citations
  • Analysis of evidence that does not summarize
  • Conclusion sentences for each body paragraph
  • Conclusion paragraph that does not summarize
  • Proper Works Cited page

Submit the completed assignments when finished.

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