Finish writing up the paper, biology homework help

  • Read the scientific article. Make notes summarizing key ideas and noting critical portions of the text.
  • The review should be 5 pages, single-spaced or 1.5 spaces using a standard 12-point font (such as Times New Roman).
  • Please include NO MORE THAN 1 FIGURE.
    • In preparing this review, COMPARE THE INFORMATION to that found in “review article one” published 10+ years ago. PROVIDE THREE SPECIFIC COMPARISONS.
  • Please address the following points in your review:
    • In 300-500 describe and define what is ‘p53’. Summarize the key facts about the protein (size, activity, location) and succinctly describe its’ role within the cell.
    • Use FIGURE 1 as the CENTRAL FOCUS of you review. Describe the role of p53 in mediating tumor suppression.
    • Discuss in detail the final section of the manuscript “Therapeutic Applications of p53”.

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