Individual Conflict Resolution

Individual Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking paper

Locate an article concerning conflict resolution and peacemaking using the course readings, the University Library, and other resources.

Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you analyze your article. Describe elements of conflict resolution and peacemaking.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Here is the grading rubric for the Individual Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking paper.  Use this grading rubric as a guide.   This assignment has been designated as a Signature assignment by the University, so there is an additional rubric that will be used in grading the paper.  If you follow my grading rubric, you will be covering what is needed for this assignment.


For the Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking paper you are to read an article that has to do with conflict resolution/peacemaking and then analyze the article you chose in relation to the conflict resolution/ peacemaking concepts from our text. The article you choose may come from a trusted academic Internet source or any other trusted academic source. The article may discuss conflict resolution/peacemaking on any level; from conflict resolution/peacemaking with children, with couples, with marriage, within politics…between countries. For the Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking paper, keep in mind that this is an analytical paper and you are analyzing the article based on information on conflict resolution and peacemaking research,thus this paper must be written entirely in Third Person.