Publicized Conflict at Yahoo

Case Study 10.1 Publicized Conflict at Yahoo

Introduction  Teams and organizations face challenges and inevitable conflicts will naturally arise. Clash between individual or groups happen because of different opinions, thought processes, and perception. Disagreements and clashes cause stress and discomfort, but not all conflict is bad. During these times conflict helps teams and organization be more creative and innovative.

Unit Learning Outcomes  ULO 1: Analyze the concept of power and its relationship to leadership. (CLO 1, 3 & 5)

ULO 2: Examine the results of the various influence tactics. (CLO 3, 5 & 6)

Directions  Mini-case studies: The students are expected to answer the questions associated with the case. These questions are intended to elicit thoughtful reactions to contemporary organizational behavior initiatives and challenges. The students are expected to carefully read the assignment instructions, then thoroughly and explicitly address each component of the corresponding case study questions.  The responses should reflect higher level cognitive processing (analysis, synthesis, and evaluation), which is essential for someone in any industry, as diversity decisions affect all levels and stakehol8.ders within the organization and in the external marketplace.  There is no minimum number of references that need to be utilized to support the completion of this assignment; however, it is generally understood that any good case study analysis will incorporate the appropriate quality and quantity of scholarly sources to support any suppositions and recommendations.  The submission will not exceed four (4) pages in length, excluding the title and references pages.  The document must adhere to the APA writing style.  The document should be prepared as a Microsoft Word file.

Answer the case questions

1. Explain whether the ousting of former CEO and COO as well as the employees standards reform, have been functional or dysfunctional conflict for yahoo.

2. Explain what type of conflict made DeCastro less than suitable for the postion of COO at yhaoo.

3.Describe why trust will be an important factor for yahoo as a company.