Research Paper – Dangers of artificial sweeteners

Topic: Dangers of artificial sweeteners

Paper requirements:

1- the paper must be 4 to 5 pages

2- MLA style

3- paper must include Introduction and Theme, summary of the research, conclusion and references. (make it easy for the reader to follow)

4- minimum 4 references

5- as part of the research paper, at least one healthy people 2020 goal or objective applicable to the topic must be addressed.

5. as part of the conclusion, you must include your opinion on the effectiveness of how your topic helps the reader become aware of steps to take in order to live long, healthy lives.

Useful Research Organizations

  • ACSM- American College of Sports Medicine
  • AHA-American Heart Association
  • OSG- Office of the Surgeon General
  • DHHS- U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • CDC- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • NASPE- The National Association for Sports and Physical Education
  • NSCA- National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • WHO- World Health Organization
  • Healthy People 2020-
  • International Food Information Council (IFIC)

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