Right of privacy

Explain the “right of privacy” listing the amendments involved, and what specific issues caused this right to be developed.  Explain one of these cases.

2.  Explain why Miranda rights are important.  Which amendments are comprise the Miranda Rights?

3.  Name and explain the types of committees used in the Congress of the United States.

4.  One of the President’s special powers is the use of the Executive Order.  What is an executive Order, why is it used, and is an Executive order legal?  Is this found in the Constitution?

5.  What is the Pendleton Act of 1883?  What does it do, and why is it important?  Is it still in effect?

6.  What are the reasons that case would be considered for the Supreme Court?  List and explain two (2) reasons why a case is considered for a hearing before the Supreme Court.

7.  What is public opinion?  What are its uses in politics?

8.  What is a political party?  What is its purpose?  Did Madison like the idea of political parties (See Federalist No. 10)?  What is Madison’s view of “factions”?

9.  What is the relationship between Congress and the two major political parties?

10.   Explain the use of independent regulatory commissions.  List and explain one such commission- what does it do, why is it independent, what does it regulate.

Please answer these questions concisely in a short answer format.