Source Reliability Assignment of Environment

Source Reliability Assignment the Source Reliability Assignment slide in the Homework module and complete the assignment

2.Select three magazine or internet articles on environmental topics from 3 different sources.

3.Apply the Source Reliability Matrix to the articles.
Write an essay describing your assessment of each of the three articles you evaluated.

For each of the three articles, describe the aspects or characteristics of the article that influenced your thinking about its reliability.

Rank the three articles from most to least reliable in your opinion.

Discuss how the results from the source reliability matrix matched (or failed to match) your qualitative assessment and how the matrix influenced (or failed to influence) your opinion.

Be sure to include a “Works Cited” page in an appropriate format, and appropriately formatted citation to the articles within your essay.


• Your essay, typed, double spaced (800 to 1200 words).
• The first page of, or a link to, each of the 3 articles you evaluated. • The completed source reliability matrix for each of the 3 articles.

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