Spiritual Dimensions of Illness and Recovery

Do Not Bid unless you have the Textbook: Spiritual Dimensions of Illness and Recovery, Stephen Arterburn & Jack Felton.

No Plagiarism, follow direction for both assignments.


  • Read the article titled What’s a Christian Worldview.
  • Make this week’s one-page journal entry a description of your worldview.Give an application of your worldview in a counseling context:
  • How do you view counselees?
  • What is an acceptable inclusion of your worldview in matters of spirituality and religious faith?
  • Give an example of sharing your worldview in a counseling context.
  • Provide 1-2 academic resources.


  • Read the following essay titled Critical Thinking from Summit Ministries available at the link below.
  • Read Chapter 3 of your text by Arterburn and Felton.
  • Write a 1-2 page paper that responds to the questions below.


  • What are areas of your own thinking wherein you have been guilty of making assumptions without asking the “tough questions?”
  • Why it is valuable for even a Christian with strong convictions to engage in critical thinking?
  • How can critical thinking help avoid some of the errant beliefs shown in Chapter 3 of the book Toxic Faith?
  • According to this essay, how can critical thinking actually corroborate the Christian worldview?
  • Provide a minimum of one academic resource.
  • Apply APA formatting and meet expectations provided in the Paper Writing rubric.