Write about a domestic or a foreign policy created and implemented by the Trump administration since 2016. You could use many websites to research this project, but I would encourage you to use the following two before any other. You will find federal legislation at: Find federal bills passed by Congress here: And you will find an overall chronological and historical background for the domestic or foreign policy at: Overview and Background at Real Clear Politics here: NEEDS to be in four different segments from thesis statement, thesis statement plus brief outline, rough draft and final draft. You will use a minimum of ten sources. Your ten (or more) sources can easily be found at Real Clear Politics. This should not be a problem.

You will cover all of the following things in this paper:

1. What was the domestic or foreign policy agenda after November 2016? What is it about? What actions did the policy entail? Which officer of the Trump administration supported it and who did not? Was the congress heavily involved? Were interest groups extremely involved and how so?

2. The History of the Domestic or Foreign policy agenda. Go into the history of the policy and any contextual reasons for its creation and successful implementation. This section should strongly support an argument you have decided to make throughout the paper.

3. Evidence. Use your ten or more sources to discuss your evidence, statistics, interviews, books, articles, etc.- whatever you need to prove your argument as to why this policy agenda was wonderful or poorly conceived depending upon your take.

4. Opposition. What is the opposition to your point of view and why is the opposing point of view incorrect?

5. Conclusion. Summarizing the previous information about what the policy agendas were, who supports and opposes them (for example support for Health care reform) and why you support or oppose the agenda. (War with North Korea as another example). Don’t add new information in the conclusion.

This paper will be 12 PAGES MINIMUM, with 1” margins, double-spaced and 12-point font. This paper must contain a Bibliography. Use MLA, but include the author’s name, the name of the newspaper, journal or book title, date and page range. If you use an internet source you must include the cite and the date retrieved. Only use legitimate internet sources.