The Enron Scandal

ETH557 The Enron Scandal

Write a 750-1050 word report that includes the following:

· Provides an overview of Enron’s business activities, the key players involved with the scandal, and what happened to Enron in the aftermath of the scandal.

·Describes the procedures used to commit the fraud.

·Describes the personal or economic motivations for committing the fraud.

·Offers insight into internal controls or other measures that could have been implemented to prevent the fraud from occurring.

· Briefly discusses A. Anderson company’s role and subsequent events.

Cite your research from at least two additional peer reviewed resources, the industry publications, and any professional or regulatory guidance. Professional or regulatory guidance should come directly from the appropriate site and not from the textbook. Note: The textbook will not be used, cited, or referenced for this paper (only). Point deduct of 50%.

Format your response consistent with APA guidelines. APA standards are in effect for Master’s Level Two as supported within the CWE.

Submit the final copy to Turnitin. Make necessary corrections after running the report.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment as a Microsoft® Word document.  The assignment files are: Essay and Turnitin Report.

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