The Inheritance of Personality is quite elaborate. Explain three ideas that are directly related to “What Heritability Tells You,” and provide brief…

1. The Inheritance of Personality is quite elaborate. Explain three ideas that are directly related to “What Heritability Tells You,” and provide brief examples of each idea. Clarify your response. 

2. As researchers have moved away from strictly looking at twin studies to attain heritability data, they have begun looking at specific genes through the study of molecular genetics. Tell me how this works, and talk about 2 very specific genes that have played a significant role in behavioral genetics.

3. How do genes and the environment “interact” to produce personality? Provide an example. (Several are mentioned in the book).

4. Describe two ideas as it relates to the idea of “Attraction” related to mating.

5. What is reproductive instinct, and WHY is this important?

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