What is a scientific paradigm

Use APA guidelines, correct grammar, writing must be correct with punctuation marks, periods, commas, hyphen if necessary and use the reference below:

1. What is a scientific paradigm? Why do paradigms change over time?200 word count

2. In your words, what is heredity? 200 word count

3. How have humans perceived heredity over time and how has that perception changed as major paradigm shifts in the discipline took place. How has technology helped change our views of heredity?200 word count

4. Explain the concept of public trust as the author uses it. 200 word count

5. The various groups who make up the US public have different expectations of science. How do these differing expectations of science affect the ways groups place trust in science? Describe one example of a controversial expectation that the author gives. 200 word count

must read this article to answer question 4 & 5

Resnik, D. (2011). Scientific Research and the Public Trust. Science & Engineering Ethics, 17(3), 399-409. Retrieved from EBSCOhost Database. doi:10.1007/s11948-010-9210-x