Communicable disease rate trends

Communicable disease rate trends

assign 1

Summarize any one chapter of the handbook on epidemiological investigation (you may not use the Introductory portion of the handbook) and provide one example of a US or international public health emergency in which this science was used or likely used.

could u do the joint investigation model


assign 2

  • Read/review the following:
    • Explore communicable disease rate trends at:

Complete the following:

  • Visit your city or county health department website(website Below) and review communicable disease notifications/rates and foodborne disease outbreak rates. Include all pertinent web links in your post.
  • communicable disease notifications/rates :…
  • In your discussion summarize your observations and compare nationwide trends with local information (include citations and weblinks).
    • Is there a most common mode of transmission?
    • Are the most common diseases vaccine preventable or not?
    • Which primary or secondary prevention level intervention can public health nurses use to reduce the risk of the most common communicable disease in your geographic area?