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Domestic violence





Most often, women and children are usually the most prone victims of domestic violence. It quite often takes place where they should be safest, that is, at home within their families. This is where they are subjected to violence and terror by the ones they trust. According to a report by UNICEF innocent research center, 20 to 50 percent of women continue to suffer the effects of domestic violence worldwide (Khan, 2000). Violence against women and children is a result of neglecting law enforcement and legislation that should recognize domestic violence as a crime. Women and children should be protected within the confinement of their home. On comparing the two sexes, survey has shown men as the major perpetrators of domestic violence with few cases of women being the perpetrators. Their families powerfully endow the men with trust and intimacy. The result of domestic violence is often a tendency by women to commit suicide. For example, according to a survey by UNICEF in America 40 percent of women who experience domestic violence either attempt or commit suicide.

Some of the factors that contribute to domestic violence are socio-economic factors, fear of control over female sexuality, legislation and cultural sanctions that deny women independent legal and social status among others. According to a survey carried out by Human rights watch, law enforcement authorities usually view domestic violence cases as a relationship misunderstanding and more often the cases are tolerated as the norm (Khan, 2000). This mostly occurs in third world countries, and 60 percent of domestic violence cases are seen as a norm in the society. The perpetrators mostly get away with these cases. However, law enforcement systems should be implemented to curb the serious cases of domestic violence and those involved should be brought to book.


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